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Generic Courier Bags

Picking up, transporting and delivering goods of differing levels of fragility, safe and secured to the recipient is not a simple a task as it seems. Courier companies never knows the size, weight and the materialistic properties of the goods to be couriered until they get the assignment. So, the great challenge is to keep the arrangements ready for any type of consignment. No one would afford the delay or to take the chances of damage during the journey but the cost limitations put a barrier to options. Generic courier bags are being used by the leading courier companies worldwide as a cost efficient packaging solution that adds unique values to their services.

As being the leading online courier bags supplier in Australia, we at offer an extensive range of generic courier bags that match the particular selection criteria. Our premium generic courier bags are made of 3 layer LDPE co-extruded film of best in class quality; so, you can be sure of getting the best packaging solution to courier different size products. Whether the concern is water resistance, moisture resistance, impacts,heat resistance, size, environmental condition, budgets, seal, flap, color, tearing possibility or packaging ease, our generic courier bags offer the maximum variety to optimize your selection. Though Generic NP1B- 150 x 240 + 35mm flap and Generic NP3B - 310 x 400 + 40mm flap are the most popular we also offer customized solutions to meet all specific requirements. The other courier bags categories to explore are Nomad Premium Courier Bags and Printed Courier Bags.